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Interview with Robbie Maddison – Working Hard and Playing Hard


To say that Robbie Maddison (known to many as Maddo) is a living legend is not an overstatement. Dubbed the modern day Evel Knievel, Maddison is a prolific biker, stunt man and thrill seeker. Last summer, he partnered up with DC Shoes and released a video called Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream that showed him surfing on his dirt bike in Tahiti. The clip gathered over 22 million views, becoming one of the most watched surf videos ever and making Robbie even more famous than he already was. The team at BookSurfCamps.com is honored to have had the chance to chat with Robbie about stunts, family life and fear.

It All Started When Robbie Was Young… Very Young

At an age when most children are still wobbly on their feet, Robbie Maddison got his first dirt bike. We asked him what made him want a bike when he was only three and his answer didn’t surprise us. “My dad rode a dirt bike/trail bike to work every day and infected me with the love by popping wheelies when he would leave and when he would return.” Popping a wheelie is a maneuver in which the front wheel of the bike comes off the ground and into the air, while the bike continues to advance on the back wheel. “One day, a young boy from up the street rode past our house on his child sized dirt bike.” That moment was a defining moment for Robbie, as he realized that he, too, could ride a dirt bike, just like his father. “Feelings of love and freedom overtook my body”, he remembers how when that realization sunk in. From that moment on, dirt bikes became a permanent fixture in his life.

“I Feel Fear in Every Situation”

Don’t think for a second that Robbie Maddison doesn’t get afraid; he’s only human after all! But Robbie uses his fear to guide him: “I feel fear in every situation, and I’m mindful of it, but I also let it guide me to the potential things that could go wrong. Then, I focus on these things to make sure I have done the quality assurance to satisfy myself we are prepared correctly.”

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